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Bethany Christian Services

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You have choices and you are not alone! Our pregnancy counseling program offers free, confidential options counseling to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. We walk beside expectant parents as they choose a future and make a plan for their child. We encourage and facilitate open adoptions and provide free post-placement counseling and ongoing support groups for those who choose to make an adoption plan for their baby. We pour in grace, information and compassion, and trust that the time we invest in expectant parents will bring confidence and strength for the journey. Our 1-800-BETHANY “Lifeline” offers assistance by phone, text, and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington Pregnancy and Adoption Services

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Empowering Families to make well thought out and informed decisions regarding what is best for them and for their children through counseling, resources, support and encouragement. To learn more about making an adoption plan, call or text us any time (703) 973-0129 to talk with a pregnancy counselor and learn more about the options available to you when you make an adoption plan. Financial support, housing support and prenatal care may be available. No cost. No obligation. To learn more about home study services or the various adoption programs or to request community education or program materials, please email us at or visit to learn more.

Christian Alliance for Orphans – International Group Based Locally

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The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites 190+ respected organizations and over 650 church members. Our joint initiatives inspire and equip Christians to live out effectively the Bible’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

CAFO was birthed at a gathering of thirty-eight Christian leaders in 2004. Although serving in diverse fields, they carried a shared sense that God desired to call His people to step up decisively for orphans and foster youth. They pledged to “leave logos and egos at the door” to advance this vision in shared action.

The size and scope of CAFO’s work has grown significantly over the years, but the core mission remains the same. CAFO members join in coordinated initiatives that grow effective adoption, foster care and global orphan care rooted in the local church. These include the annual CAFO Summit, the Orphan Sunday campaign, the Global Movements Initiative, the National Foster Care Initiative, the Applied Research & Best Practice Initiative, the National Church Ministry Initiative, and an array of other shared undertakings.

Without CAFO, many good ministries would still faithfully serve – yet often in isolation or even competition. Today, we get to see what is achieved when we labor together for a vision larger than any one of us could accomplish alone. As CAFO helps Christians understand God’s call to care for vulnerable children and equips for effective response, the impact reaches far beyond a single program or met need. Rather, an ever-growing community of passionate individuals, families, churches and organizations invest time, talent and treasure in a personal and sustained commitment to caring for children in the name of Jesus.

Siena Adoption Services

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To provide adoption services at a significantly reduced rate so expense is never a prohibiting factor in finding a home for a child. No family or child should be left wanting for a home because of cost.
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