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Infant Loss Support Groups

A Mom’s Peace

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A Lay Apostolate for Mothers Of Miscarried and Stillborn Souls.

As a non-profit apostolate, we discretely support families with bereavement, burial, and remembrance assistance.

We serve all families, regardless of income or religious beliefs.

Explore our site and see how we can assist you, from burial to remembrance to memorials.

We are here for your family.

Daughters of Grace Doula Services

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We provide bereavement boxes (or miscarriage kits) for families that have learned their babies have passed away. The boxes include information about how the contents can be used to help families recover the body of their baby and care for themselves during such a challenging and difficult time.

Local Contact: Alison,

Embracing Grace

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Embracing Grace is a peer support and network of resources for women and families who receive a prenatal diagnosis and chose to carry their child to term. Embracing Grace is the peer support component within a perinatal model of care.

FiLumena Bereavement

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The mission of FiLumena Birth and Bereavement is to serve, support, and inform mothers and families who experience miscarriage, later-term miscarriage, or stillbirth, and to educate and inform health care professionals, pregnancy help providers, and clergy so they may better serve families who experience the loss of a preborn child.

Miscarriage Matters, Inc.

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Miscarriage Matters, Inc. is a
501(c)(3) public charity offering global support to parents devastated by miscarriage and stillbirth through programs that educate the public, inspire healing through service to others, and empower the hurting.
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